The right road towards wellness

The balneotherapy aspect, which lies in providing care via baths (fresh water, sea, even mud or algae) can bring benefits on other levels. In the first place on the skin, with an effect on the tissues which makes it possible to tone the skin. This is all the more valid if you do an outdoor Jacuzzi session, in cold weather, the hot-cold transition being very good at this level. It also helps fight cellulite, help reduce or even eliminate the sensations of heavy legs in some people. But the first pleasant effect remains the relaxation provided by the fact of having a good little jacuzzi, just thinking about it for some it already does them good!

It is also good to practice it to recover muscles after exercise, by promoting the elimination of toxins and facilitating muscle rest through good oxygenation through better blood circulation.

Or in times of stress. Indeed, the combination of massage and heat effects allow you to relax both physically and psychologically. Its stimulation also helps to fight against hypertension and to promote sleep and relaxation, which are sometimes problematic during emotionally charged times.

Small precautionary point: it is better to be attentive to the quality of the water and the hygiene in a jacuzi, because humidity and heat are two factors favorable to the proliferation of bacteria. The water should also have a maximum temperature of 40 ° to avoid burns or hyperthermia.

Voilou, in times of coronavirus currently at the time of writing this article, I strongly envy the people who have a Jacuzzi in their home, because it must be downright pleasant to enjoy it!

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