Which products for which baths?

Whether invigorating or relaxing, diving in to stay awake or relaxing to dispense with stacked fatigue, bathing is a rewarding time to take care of your body and mind. However, it is necessary to devote yourself to daily maintenance of your jacuzzi or swimming pool. What there is to know ! It is important to know that the water in your spa is at risk of being unbalanced by several factors related to:

• Heat: be aware that heat frequently changes the chemical balance of the water in your spa.

• The number of seats exceeded: if the number of people in your swimming pool or in your jacuzzi greatly exceeds the measured volume of water, this can cause disturbances in their chemical prowess.

• The action of the filters: If the filters do not have the ability to properly regulate the water in your spa, this can cause other damage related to the proper operation of your spa.

• Body creams: some creams, associated with a spa product or products in your spa can cause harmful reactions, however, you should seek the advice of specialists.

Why maintain your spa water?

Clear and healthy water is the necessary characteristic for a successful bath. Spa water; swimming pool or hot tub should be chemically maintained in such a way as to make it healthy at all times for these users. The use of spa products helps keep the water clean and free from bacterial threats, but also from the rapid growth of molds. Since your spa water is hot most of the time, its chemical stability also changes over time. This is why it is advisable to make identified and neat changes in order to make water safe and accessible to all.

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