Installing your outdoor jacuzzi bathtub

The outdoor jacuzzi is among the most sought after products on the market for the many advantages it offers. It allows both to create convivial moments on its terrace and to enjoy relaxing baths. Since it will be close to your home, the outdoor jacuzzi installed on the terrace will therefore be protected from the wind, the sun and bad weather which can damage over time. How to install your jacuzzi on your terrace?

Prepare the terrace floor properly

Preparing the terrace floor is an essential part of installing an outdoor jacuzzi bathtub. Indeed, you will have to make sure that your floor is able to support the weight of the equipment. It should be noted that an empty outdoor jacuzzi generally weighs between 250 and 500 kg. After filling, the weight will become more significant without counting that of the users. Do not hesitate to hire a professional to ensure that your jacuzzi is properly installed on your terrace. It is important to evaluate and prepare the ground of this place which will have to accommodate this household equipment.

Take into account thermal and sound insulation

When installing an outdoor jacuzzi on your terrace, it is recommended to promote sound insulation so as not to disturb neighbors when it comes to collective housing. Beyond its use after having installed it, the activation of the massage nozzles and the noises coming from the filtration and heating pumps, can cause noise annoyance. You will also have to take into account the visual insulation of your outdoor jacuzzi on your terrace. This is an important part when installing this equipment. It is often recommended to protect it with an insulated blanket when not in use.

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