Some things to check before buying a used spa

Following the crisis, the trend for second-hand products, the notoriety of the internet "quick sales site" site, the acquisition of second-hand spas continues to increase. In fact, before buying a second-hand jacuzzi bathtub, you must check the following elements: the age of the spa, the condition of the casing, the condition of the shell, the condition of the pumps, the condition of the control system, headrests, condition of the cover.

The age of the spa

The age of the spa plays an important role in the availability of spare parts. However, an old spa is not necessarily bad because a well-maintained spa lasts longer and can remain in good working order.

The condition of the clothing

The covering, also called a skirt, can be made of wood or a composite. The wooden trim rots easily over time and makes it difficult to move. The composite trim is durable. Its downside is that it easily deforms over time and fades in the sun. Other than aesthetics, the casing provides insulation for the spa.

The condition of the hull

Even made of fiberglass, hot water of 35 to 40 ° C mixed with chemicals deteriorates the surface of the hull. The appearance of small blisters is an almost irreparable problem.

The state of the pumps

Pumps are one of the most expensive parts of the spa. Check their power and the availability of spare parts. On the other hand, if a pump model no longer exists on the market, it is always possible to replace it with an equivalent product or by an adaptation during the piping work.

The control system

Like pumps, the control system is one of the most expensive parts. The components of the electronic board of the system can be repaired or the board can be completely replaced in case of failure.

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