What are the best accessories for hot tubs

Sometimes, simple things count in big ways. While numerous accessories are available to assist you create the foremost of your bathtub, functional accessories work specifically to form it easier to use your spa. As an example, cover lifters make it easier to get rid of and replace your cover, while remote monitoring allows you to regulate your bathtub from afar.

Cover Lifters.

Bathtub covers are heavy, bulky, and may get damaged if left to take a seat on the bottom whenever you employ your bathtub. Cover lifters ease these concerns, allowing bathtub owners to get rid of and replace their covers very easily, and keep covers off the bottom. While it'd be tempting to settle on a generic cover lifter, remember that you’ll use this important accessory whenever you employ your hot tubs. A well-built, durable cover lifter designed specifically for your spa is that the smarter choice.

Advanced Water Care

Traditionally, bathtub water is maintained by regular testing, which helps you retain your spa clean and clear by adding pH balancers and chemical purifiers, like chlorine. While this method works fine, easier ways to worry for spa water are developed. Even more advanced systems, like the FreshwaterSalt System, purify water with an absolute minimal amount of chemical additives and owner upkeep.

Remote Monitoring.

The power to regulate bathtub settings from a distance are often an excellent relief for those that own a spa at a dwelling or rental property, and for people that have children. A remote-monitoring mobile app that synchronizes together with your spa, like Connection from Hot Spring®, allows you to watch the health of your spa and adjust its settings from miles away. Turning your bathtub on as you allow work, for instance, means it'll be ready for you at the right temperature the moment you get home. Also, by subscribing to connection, you and your dealer are alerted to spa needs and repair requirements, ensuring that any issues that arise are often handled quickly.