What is the lifespan of a sauna ?

The sauna is a ritual truly beneficial for the health and balance of the skin. A sauna session consists of staying for a few moments in a heated place and then going outside to enjoy the cold. The action of this ritual on the body depends on the type of sauna and especially on the power of the heater used. The lifespan of a sauna depends on several factors, including frequency of use and maintenance.

The importance of stove stones

For an optimal use, it is important to know the device lifetime. The lifetime of a sauna depends more or less on the lifetime of the heater stones used to heat the room. But it is important to know that the sauna stones are really important for the sauna. The lifetime of these stones, which allow a better use, depends on how often you use your sauna. In practice it is always imperative to change them once a year when you are used to using your sauna about twice a week. But also a very good air circulation in the stone compartments will increase the lifetime of your sauna heater.

The maintenance factor

The life of a sauna also depends on its maintenance. Maintenance is an important management that can affect the life of a sauna. You can find out more by visiting saunas.fr. Regular maintenance or decisive procedures to be repeated often after each sauna session can extend the life of your sauna. Maintenance helps to deal with the moisture that is released after a session. Maintenance ensures the preservation of the woodwork and eliminates any risk of fungal, mould and bacterial growth.